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Cufflinks are one of the best accessories men and can really up your style. Cufflinks comes in many different styles and colors. You can use cufflinks for both casual and formal events and different styles are suited better for some occasions than others. Most cufflinks has a front face that comes in different shapes and can contain an insert of different materials and patterns.

Here are some suggestions of some great cufflinks.


Types of cufflinks

There are a couple of different types of cufflinks that works and looks a bit different and vary in formality. These are the main types:

Hinged-back Cufflinks

These are one of the most common types of cufflinks and comes in a lot of different shapes, materials and colors. The most common material and color for everyday use is stain-less steel. More on shape, materials and colors below. The hinged-back Cufflinks have a post sticking back in the middle and at the back of, lined inside the post is a turning locking mechanism. These are easy to attach to your cuff and locks it up great with little risk of the cufflink falling off. To fit into the cuff hole just turn inner part of the cuff locking mechanism so that it lines up with the cuff post and push it through the holes. Once all the way through just turn the inner part 90 degrees locking the cufflink securely in place. These are a little less formal than the Chain Link and Double-faced Cufflinks as the have a back side where the locking mechanism is which makes it look less good compared to the double-sided cufflink where the back and the front both look the same.

Silk Knot Cufflinks

The silk knot cufflinks are the most casual style of cufflinks. They are most commonly made with – of course – silk, but can also be made with wood or other materials such as polyester and blends. The Silk Knot Cufflinks comes in all different colors and often in multi colors. The most common shape is two knots on each side with a short straight part in the middle. To fit them on your shirt cuff just push the knot on one side through the holes on your cuff until it is pushed all the way through and secures the cuff. As mentioned above these are casual cufflinks and should not be worn to a formal event. They are best suited for more casual everyday settings like regular office time and such. For more formal meetings and events you should switch to either Hinged-back Cufflinks, Chain Link Cufflinks or the most formal type, Double-faced Cufflinks.

Double-sided Cufflinks

The Double-sided Cufflink looks much the same on both sides of the link with a bar in the middle. This means they have a front face on both sides of the bar and thus look as styling from the front as from the back. Some of the double-sided cufflinks are the same size on both side and some have a smaller sized face plate on the back. They are made from all different kinds of metals such as stain-less steel, silver, gold and others. The front face can come in all kinds of shapes and have inserts of different materials, the common shapes are for example squares, rounds and knots (knots as the silk knots but made out of metal). To attach these to your cuff just push one side of the cufflink all the way through the holes on the cuff to the other side of the cuff, the same way you attach a silk knot.


Chain Link Cufflinks

Chain Link Cufflinks are similar to the double-sided cufflinks with the main difference being a chain connecting the front face and the back face of the cuff instead of a bar. These are as formal as Double-sided Cufflinks as they do not have an “ugly” back-side and are considered the most original and traditional kind of cufflink. They come in different metals and shapes as the double-sided cufflinks and are attached to the shirt cuff in the same way. The chain allows for a looser cuff around the wrist than the bar type double-sided cufflink.

Shapes of cufflinks

Cufflinks comes in all kinds of shapes, from squares to knots to batman logos. The most formal shapes are flat, square and round cufflinks. The flat surface is commonly inscribed with different patterns such as lines or squares. It’s also common that the flat surface is used to fit an insert of a different material which can range from rare stones to cloth fabrics. Choose round or square shaped cufflinks with little (but stylish) details if you are going to a formal event. For more casual settings you can go wilder with the patterns and shapes. For example you can get personalized engraved cufflinks or in the shape of letters. There are also as mentioned above all kinds of shapes as batman signs, colorful starwars characters, etc. STAY AWAY from these at all costs as they will make you look tacky and childish. You can find styling shapes and patterns without it becoming tacky. Stay classy.


Most cufflinks are made from some kind of metal such as stain-less steel, silver or gold. These can be all metal with the front face plate and the back being metal as well. A good tip is that silver goes well together with most other colors and thus works with most outfits. They can also come with a different front in other colors or materials. There is no end to the different colors. Silk knots comes in all kinds of colors as mentioned above and can also have multi-colors. Regarding colors remember that the cufflink is an accessory that can help you elevate your style. Match it to the rest of you outfit. Less, or more plain colors, are usually considered more formal or classic and brighter and flashier colors more casual or fashion forward.

Shirts for cufflinks



There are some different kinds of shirt cuffs that can be used with cufflinks. The most common, classic and stylish is the French cuff. The French cuff is a double folded cuff and you it can easily be recognized as the cuff is twice as broad as a regular cuff and is folded double. With the French cuff the most common way to wear the cuff is by keeping the two sides of the cuff with the holes flat against each other. The other style is making it rounded like a regular buttoned cuff. We recommend going with the more stylish way with the sides flat against each other.

You can also wear cufflinks with regular single shirt cuff. In our opinion the French cuff is preferred and more stylish. Most off the rack shirts with a regular cuff comes with buttons and double holes. If you plan on using cufflinks with the single cuff shirt be sure to cut off the button! It does NOT look good with a cufflink and a button sticking out next to it.


Now go get some great cufflinks to take your style to the next level!

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