Mens skin care – easy guide!

Time to take care of your skin!

There are a lot of different skin products out there and A LOT of them are overkill and won’t do anything special. Time to kill those 5 step routines! You don’t really need those.

The basics of men’s skin care are the following. First of all you should wash your face every day. A good basic way to cleanse your skin and remove dead skin cells is washing your face with cold water. Some good basic skin care products to you is a good cleanse/wash, an exfoliating scrub and moisturizer. These are the basics because they WORK. Of these the skin care products the moisturizer is at the top in order of importance, more on that later.

There are more to good skin than just washing your face. Sleep play an important role in keeping your skin fresh. Try to get at least 6 hours per night but try to aim for 8 hours per night. Stress also plays an important role in the freshness of your skin. Try to avoid stress if you want to keep your skin fresh! Also if you shave you want to avoid cheap razors as these will ruin your skin – stick with sharp good quality razors.



Use cleanse/wash daily to clean out dead skin, impurities, other bacteria and prevent your skin from getting oily. Open the pores in your skin by gently washing your face with warm water to really get a deep clean of your pores. After you’re done, wash with cold water to close pores again. If you want to you can use cleanse/wash morning and night to stay clean, but if you get dry or irritated skin cut back on using cleanse/wash.

 There are a lot of cleases/washes out there but here are a couple that we really can recommend:




A great daily cleanser that last for a long time. You just need a little pea sized amount for each wash. Helps with oily skin and doesn’t dry out your skin. Great quality face wash!







A good daily face wash for a great price. Dosen’t last as long as the Jack Black as you need a little bit of a larger amount but still great. Great value face wash!






Exfoliating scrub

About once a week you should use an exfoliating scrub to make sure you get rid of dead skin cells and excess oils. Getting a good scrub about once a week helps get rid of acne, open up your pores and prevents in-grown hair. Preventing in-grown hair also helps prevent getting cuts when shaving. If you shave the best time to using an exfoliating scrub is before you shave so you can avoid cuts and get to those in-grown hairs. Overusing scrub can cause irritation and redness. If you experience these you should cut down on your use of scrub.

A couple of scrubs we recommend:




A great scrub that cleans your skin and leaves you feeling refreshed without drying your skin out.









A great scrub that’s all organic. Cleans out the pores great and prevents ingrown hairs!






One of the most important things for your skin is to keep it hydrated. Same as with the rest of your body. Keeping your skin moisturized actually is helped by keeping your body moisturized, so remember do drink a lot of water. It may also help to cut down on caffeine and alcohol as these may dehydrate your skin.

There are also a lot of moisturizers with sun protection which keeps your skin from getting wrinkly, now and in the future. While on the subject on wrinkles and sun screen remember that direct sunlight damages your skin and makes it wrinkle faster. So make sure you stay protected with sun screen when going out in strong sunlight. Another good thing for avoiding wrinkles and keeping your skin looking fresh is Retinol (Retin-A).

And don’t just pick any Retinol products – for it to have any effect the amount of Retinol needs to be high so make sure you pick a good product. Retinol makes your skin more sensitive to sun light, so it’s perfect to use products with Retinol before bed so you stay out of sun light. A lot of good moisturizers contain Retinol so you can get a 2-in-1 so look for that for moisturizer before bed.

If you have acne problems try to find a moisturizer with glycolic acid, salicylic acid or Hyaluronic acid. These help to unclog pores. Many acne products use these so why not get a moisturizing lotion what also helps you acne.

A couple of different kinds of moisturizers we recommend:



A great classic moisturizer to help keep your skin from getting dry. All over a great moisturizer.








Another great moisturizer that also has a SPF15 sun screen protection. Great added protection if you live in a sunny place. Protected from the sun and keeping your skin moist, that’s great!







Great moisturizer with Retinol to help to prevent wrinkles AND Hyaluronic Acid to prevent pimples and acne. This is a great one and if you are looking for anti wrinkle and anti pimple.







Make sure you find a good routine that works for you and stick with it. The long-term is what matters. You should keep up your routine to keep your skin fresh. Now go get that fresh looking skin!


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