Mens hair products – get it right!

So what hair products should you use?

Your hair says a lot about you and your sense of style and fashion. You want your hair to represent the style and look you are going for. Maybe you are planning on changing your look and try something new or just perfecting the look you already have. Either way we have put together the following guide to help you get there!

There are a jungle of hair products for men out there. And there has been some that has come and gone over the years. There are three main types of hair products that still stand and will be here for a long time. They all serve their own purpose and are better suited for some styles and types of hairs than others. The type of products we like are:

  • Hair wax
  • Pomade
  • Styling creams

We have put together some recommendations of great products at the bottom of the page but first let’s go through the different types.

Hair wax

Hair wax are made from wax, usually beeswax but can contain other types of waxes. It’s made for daily use and is ideal for a messy look that doesn’t look messy at all. Hair wax is best suitable for straight or wavy hair and gives a medium hold with low shine. One great advantage with hair wax is that it is easy too restyle during the day.

When applying hair wax use your fingers and work the wax into your hair. Often less is more with hair wax so start out with a little and apply more as needed. Hair wax is easily washed out with water.

An example of a good hair wax: American Crew Fiber Pliable Molding Creme For Men 3 Ounces



Pomade is like a cousine to hair wax. It’s usually made from a combination of wax and oils. Pomade is ideal for a pompadour type style or a madmen type look – Don Draper style. It’s best for straight or wavy hair especially if it’s a bit on the longer side. I gives more hold a more shine than hair wax.

You can apply pomade in both wet (read slightly damp) or dry hair. Applying to slightly damp hair will make it a bit easier to work into the hair. Just apply a little to begin with and add more as needed for the style you want. Some pomades can be hard to wash out so try to use small amounts if you can or look for water-based pomades. There are some concentrated shampoos that can be used to wash out the pomade easier.

An example of a good pomade: Suavecito Pomade Firme Hold 4 oz


Styling cream

Styling cream is different from hair wax and pomade and gives the most natural look. At the same time it gives less hold than wax and pomade. The styling cream makes the hair controllable without drying it out. It gives the hair a medium hold and texture without much shine. Styling cream is ideal for curly hair but works for other types to. Works for both longer and shorter hair styles.

Styling cream can be applied to both damp and dry hair. Use less if you have fine hair and a bit more if you have thick hair. Put a little amount in your hand and rub hand together and work it in with your fingers.

An example of a good style cream: K+S – Premium Forming Cream For Men


So which one should you use?

We prefer hair wax and we recomend to try that out first.

If you want more shine try pomade out!

Do you have a frizzy hair that you want to keep under control? Go with style cream!


Recommended products

Top 3 favorite hair waxes

TIGI Bed Head B for Men Matte Separation Workable Wax, 3 Ounces

Gives great control over the hair. This is a low shine wax and a good medium hold. Lasts all day without looking greasy or flaking and gives you a natural look.

Premium Styling Wax For Men – K+S Salon Quality Hair Care Products for Short Hair – Infused w/ Caranauba Wax for Separation, Moisturizing & Flake Free Non Greasy Strong Hold w/ Natural Matte Finish
Gives a medium hold that last throughout the day. Doesn’t make the hair look greasy and it has a low shine nor does it flake.

American Crew: Classic Fiber, 3 oz
Gives a good medium hold without leaving the hair feeling hard/crunchy. Lasts for a long time. It has a matt finish with low shine. Good smell.

Top 3 favorite pomades

Suavecito Pomade Firme Hold 4 oz
Good high hold and the hold lasts for a good throughout the day. Easy to wash out! Doesn’t make your hair look greasy as it has a low shine. Works good with wavy and thicker hair.

Uppercut Deluxe Pomade 3.5oz
Offers a medium/high hold and easy to work with a comb. Works great with wavy hair. It has a low/medium shine but doesn’t make your hair look greasy. Great smell. Washes out easily!

Imperial Classic Pomade, 6 Ounce
This pomade has a high hold that will stay in place the whole day. It has a medium shine. Works great with wavy hair. Clean smell with a hint of watermelon. Easy to wash off!

Top 3 favorite styling cream

Premium Forming Cream For Men – K+S Salon Quality Hair Care Products for Long & Short Hair – Medium Shine & Medium Hold With 30% More Product Than Other Leading Brands
This one does not have the strongest hold but as we explained above styling creams are really not the best when it comes to hold. It’s a light/medium hold and does not leave your hair feeling greasy.

D:fi D:struct Pliable Molding Creme 5.3.oz
Good medium hold that lasts longer than some other styling creams. Low shine and some flexibility with restyling throughout the day. Works well with both finer and thicker hair. Great smell.

American Crew Forming Cream, 3 Ounce
This one also has a good gold that lasts for a long time. Gives a natural look. Works well with both thicker and finer hair. Doesn’t look greasy at all so it has a low shine.

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